Screens production

Control the source, control the output. That’s the philosophy and approach informing our screens production services.

Within that we tick all the boxes for remote, cloud based, and on site production delivery. We take the worry and hurry out of the content delivery and playback process and replace it with informed decision making and timely delivery, all with the proper sign offs and communication to deliver every frame in sync.

This approach allows for reliable delivery at any scale, within the medium defined by the production.

- Systems engineering

- Media server programming

- Operating

- Content management


People and the companies they make up, have a need for storytelling. 

Narrative is at the heart of our content design and flows throughout it. Coalescing the latest in visual technology and a strong background in theatre and broadcast, we know how to immerse our audiences into different worlds, directing them onto captivating journeys, and turning ideas into engaging visual responses. Our aim is to make resonate and reminisce, and to transport to environments not seen before and find true Visual Chemistry.

We can deliver for all current and next-gen formats and markets.

- Artistic & Creative Direction

- Motion graphics

- Real-time

- Interactive

- VR / Pre-viz

- AR / XR


Workflow is what makes the world go round. It’s the approach to solving any complex problem and the questions that go along with that. It’s the glue that enables magic on stage, and more simply put the answer to ‘How do we do this’.

Levering a host of (real-time) toolsets like Unreal Engine, Notch, d3, Blacktrax, Mo-sys, stYpe or Stage Precision amongst others, we are able to forge a solution to many creative problems.

Supporting those toolsets with more conventional content creation packages such as 3D Studio Max, Cinema 4D, Blender, Houdini, ZBrush and Adobe CC Suite makes sure we cover the bases for all aspects of video consultancy and visual design.

- Projection study

- 3d Workflows

- Projection Mapping

- Automation

- Tracking


EVOKE’s certified workflow specialists are trainer trained to deliver a range of courses to industry standard levels.

Custom training packages can be devised upon request, including performance specific trainings.

Our current list of provided trainings is as follows:

– disguise Fundamental training

– disguise Advanced Creative Sequencing training

– disguise Advanced Systems Integration training

– disguise Specialist Workflows training

– Cast Software Blacktrax – disguise Tracking for Media servers training

– Cast Software Blacktrax –  Lighting tracking training

Please send us an inquiry via the Contact page to learn more about pricing.