Screens production

We scale from the physical to the virtual. Whether your event utilises a single screen or hundreds of projectors, addresses stadium scale crowds, millions of broadcast viewers at home or an online audience viewing a stream. We have the proven experience to deliver projects greater than the sum of their pixels.

Our specialists are involved from the concept phase all the way through to delivery, guiding every step along the way. Every show is custom and unique, and so is every system design choice.

Our approach is to be media server platform agnostic, and as such we are happy to work with the right tool for the job. And that can be anything from CueLab, to Resolume, to TouchDesigner to disguise, or name your favorite platform. We are open to it. We have the most extensive experience with the d3 disguise platform, but have a strong belief that the soft and hard skills needed to run one platform will always inform working on another. At the end of the day our clients have the final say.

- Systems engineering

- Media server programming

- Operating

- Content management


We create beautiful, narrative driven content, blending your requirements with our design language and technical understanding, striking the right balance between the artistic and the physically achievable.

- Creative Direction

- Motion graphics

- Real-time

- Interactive

- VR / Pre-viz

- AR / XR


At EVOKE we aim to ride that wave of what’s next in show design and the technologies being deloped alongside that which enable those new experiences for people to enjoy. It’s something we are deeply passionate about and one of the areas of innovation where there is a lot activity and buzz, and for good reason, is drones.

It’s important to us that we partner ourselves to the right companies and products that allow us to deliver. And that ideally incorporate workflows that tie into our existing ones. For this purpose we seek to build partnerships with companies that have a likeminded approach to show design.

For indoor drone performances we are the first studio to be in partnership with Verity Studios. Verity creates the show proven Lucie drones which allow for all the creative freedom and ease of implementation that you would be looking for in an indoor drone.

We can previs the Verity drones inside d3 and program their LED lighting to create a coherent show design alongside video and lighting, all triggered via timecode.

For outdoor drone performances we work with Verge Aero. Verge produces easy to deploy drone systems capable of handling 25 mile and hour winds. We use their feature rich previs suite which allows us to pre-program, conceptualise and verify design ideas very early on in the production process. Their suite allows us to demo performances in VR and through renders for easy remote sign-off for any design considerations you might have.

If you provide drone services through your own company and are in need of additional skilled technicians that can think volumetrically, troubleshoot systematically and operate reliably, to set up and run drone systems for you, we can provide this too.

- Performance design

- System design

- Engineering


Workflow is what makes the world go round. It’s what’s fundamental to our work and informs our approach to project preparation, enabling us to deliver spectaculars around the globe.

We use software such as 3D Studio Max, Cinema 4D, Blender, ZBrush, Adobe CC suite and surrounding tools throughout the production process to deliver to the highest standard. Relying on tools such as disguise d3 allows us to go from previs to on site delivery all while staying true to that same workflow approach.

- Projection study

- 3d Workflows

- Projection Mapping

- Automation

- Tracking


EVOKE team has gained the skills and expertise to train our clients focusing in media servers. We cover 6 different laguanges, so we can fit in any team needs to achieve a proper training.

With our backgrounds in different types of shows, we understand and have an insight of the actual on-site situations we can understand and train our clients to be ready for any project.

We can provide the following trainings for you and your teams:

disguise Fundamental training

– disguise Advanced Creative Sequencing training

disguise Advanced Systems Integration training

disguise Specialist Workflows training

BlackTrax – disguise Tracking for Media servers training

Blacktrax lighting tracking training

We welcome requests for custom training packages that cover the specifics of what you need or are tailored for a specific show.

Please send us an inquiry via the Contact page to learn more about pricing.