Introduction to XR

Welcome to Extended Reality & Virtual Production!  Evoke Studios have been involved in the development and application of Virtual Production and XR workflows since 2017 onwards. These ways of working have since taken flight, coming into incredible demand. The last few years have functioned as a strong accelerator for these techniques and technologies, which are now used in a wide range of market verticals.

As part of our approach in solutions development, we created the CueXR concept demo to help explain the key benefits, fundamental technologies and ways of working that Extended Reality relies upon. We care that our clients understand what they are buying into, so they are better positioned to contextualize these technologies into their worlds of application, manage expectations and help guide project development and delivery.

Any questions you may have after watching this video, or to see where we can provide you with an XR solution, or a concept aided by Virtual Production technologies, please get in touch with us!