Qing Show

For the theatrical spectacular filled with water, fountain screens, lasers, flying props and a fully projection mapped set produced by Luc Petit Creations (LPC), EVOKE Studios was brought on board by Stello Productions from Paris to technically deliver the install in Qingdao, China.

The show was not without its challenges, be it environmental or otherwise. A water based show, using projection tracked, moving inflatable set pieces, this was a complex projection mapping setup to execute.

Our specialists verified projection designs, provided full 3d workflow services including 3d model cleanup, UV mapping, heatmaps, projection study, disguise programming and automation data integration to enable projection tracking onto the inflated set pieces.

On site in China our teams oversaw physical installation of the 17 32K Panasonic laser projectors, disguise servers and network infrastructure prior to calibrating the stage. Combined, this provided content to the 7 screens and fountain display that made up the set of this visually impressive show.

Leveraging disguise’s wide feature set, we were able to pre-visualise and pre-program parts of the show before entering the venue. We utilised OmniCal kits of wired and wireless variety to take care of calibrating projection onto the massive, curved cyclorama, and to adjust for discrepancies between the 3d models and the inflatables used.

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Stello Productions

Luc Petit Creations (LPC)

Consultancy, project management, disguise programming:
EVOKE Studios

Matthew Villis
Bradley Hilton