Siemens Digital Enterprise SPS Dialog

The 2020 Siemens Digital Enterprise SPS Dialog, was held on November 26th. The SPS Dialog showcases a new type of virtual showroom, used to communicate product news and applications through means of innovative 3D visualisation techniques and personalised tours.

Speakers include those amongst the top of their respective fields, all supported by XR and green screen production to deliver their message.

Through personal virtual meetings, of which over 2000 took place, customers discussed topics related to Smart Production Solutions with Siemens Experts directly.

EVOKE Studios was brought on board by pave GmbH, to deliver the XR workflow for this production. It was recorded at an XR stage purpose built at the Nuremberg Messe, during a 5 week production period. 

The creative concept was delivered by CueConcept, who developed a Unity app for Siemens based on 12 topic areas within a space that has a futuristic look and feel. We took these Unity assets and translated them into an XR ready environment through Notch, for use in production.

Through this production period we solidified our relationship with Urs Nyffenegger of Studio One, who functioned as the content producers for this project. Urs was already a household name here at EVOKE Studios, but through this collaboration we are celebrating that Studio One is merging with EVOKE Studios.

Going forward this allows us to function as a full production house, and to better service our client’s needs as a result of that.

We believe this production details clearly the benefits of using XR over green screen. With the speakers strongly connecting to their virtual environments, and seeing the benefits during production where the LED volume had an immediate impact on speaker placement and natural ways of interaction with the environments and their contents, as they could see what was happening around them.



Client: Siemens AG

Event agency: Pave GmbH
Integrator: CueConcept GmbH
XR workflow and disguise programming: EVOKE Studios
Notch and Unity producing: Studio One
Hardware partners: Bright Studios, ByLex

Related numbers

  • 8000 customers connected from 90 countries.
  • 56 exhibits in 12 topic areas.
  • More than 130 product presentations.
  • 3 real factory showcases.
  • 21 stage presentations with 38 top level industry speakers.
  • 5 weeks of production.
  • 3 tracked cameras
  • 4 disguise media servers